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Cookies Policy

Last Updated: September 13, 2023

When visiting our site, your browser may receive cookies or related technologies such as web beacons (pixel tags) from us and third party entities. The purpose of these technologies is to collect information related to our site and these technologies may have multiple uses.

A cookie is a small text file set on your web browser upon visiting a site. The information stored in a cookie can be retrieved by the site and is used to enhance user experience and other objectives. Cookies can be set by our site (known as “first-party cookies”) or from third party providers that may provide content, functionality, or services intended to provide information or advertising associated with our site (known as “third party cookies.”) We use cookies to provide an enriching experience for returning users on subsequent site visits. We also use cookies to direct relevant advertising to users. 

A tracking pixel is a small electronic file or code snippet with a unique identifier. The pixel is used to gather information on site visitor behavior, such as views, clicks, ad impressions, and other general behaviors. A tracking pixel can also be referred to as a web beacon, marketing pixel, conversion pixel, retargeting pixel.

Types of cookies used on our services

The following four types of cookies may be used on our website, associated with site visits:

  1. Necessary cookies – These cookies allow visitors to effectively use available site features and functionality. Removing them may negatively affect site performance. If removed, site services are at risk of not operating effectively, including site security, shopping activity, or payment actions, and others.
  2. Preference cookies – These cookies maintain user preference information from previous site visits. Through storing information such as language selection, country specific information, usernames and other data, subsequent visits are more enriched, as the user does not have to repeat preference selections.
  3. Performance cookies – These cookies store information on pages visited, and monitor metrics such as page loads, site errors, and page response times. As a whole, this information is used to monitor site performance and allows our team to apply improvements for a more rewarding experience.
  4. Advertising cookies – These cookies store information from site user interaction, allowing us to provide content and advertisements aligned with a user's preferences. The information from these cookies help us further understand user behavior, in order to continuously improve user experience. Advertising cookies may also originate from third parties who acquire information from our site visitors, and serve online advertisements tailored to user preferences. Information acquired from third parties may be aggregated with browser visit information that is collected among multiple sites for a specific user. This information collected by third parties may also include information from our site, in order to manage and serve user-directed ads across the Internet. These ads may derive from our site and others online.

Managing Cookies

Users maintain the ability to manage, disable or limit cookies. Browsers offer options allowing users to manage control over cookie activity. These browser options include whether the cookie will be accepted, rejected, or inform the user each instance when a cookie is sent to the browser. Rejecting cookies is at the user’s discretion, and may alter or limit features and services that make our site function at optimum levels. Rejecting cookies may also alter similar functionality on other sites online. Note that it is common for the option to opt out of cookies, to be stored in the actual cookie. In cases where cookies are blocked or limited, the opt-out notice may not be received and thus, honored, by our site. Also notable is that blocking or limiting cookies on a specific device does not ensure similar consent behavior on other devices.

For instructions on how to manage cookies on a specific browser, please see the links below.

Blocking or limiting cookies in your browser may not prevent tracking of your online activity via cross-site tracking from other, independent online tracking providers. You can also opt-out of this external tracking directly with the businesses that maintain these services.

To opt-out of certain analytic tracking by our partners visit Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

To opt out of advertising associated with browsers and devices, please visit the Digital Advertising Alliance or National Advertising Institute websites. Also consider settings in your mobile device. Note your request may apply only to the device used when opting out, so consider repeating the same action among all devices for which you’d like this to apply. Even after opting out on all devices, note that ads may still display, though not customized to your preferences.

When using third party apps on devices connected to the Internet, the app provider may apply a unique advertising identifier submitted from the device or platform, which may be directly associated with you. You may be able to opt-out of this personalized identifier for all applications on the same device or platform. You may also opt-out of this identifier being shared among multiple apps and devices. The identifier (specifically those associated with advertisers) may be reset in certain cases. The following are options for completing this action, on various devices and platforms.