IMLive Review - Old School Look, New School Fun Review

IMLive ReviewOld School Look, New School Fun

Last Updated on May 17, 2024

Imlive Model Hotness: 4/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 3/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 4.5/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 3.8/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 4.5/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 4.6/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 4/5 stars
Imlive Model Hotness: 4.8/5 stars
Imlive Rating: 4.2/5 stars

With over 62 million registered users and history dating back to 2003, IMLive is a huge player in the adult cam industry. Known for cost effective rates, IMLive’s models and features do not hold back on features and fun. In fact, there are some fun surprises that you wouldn’t expect when using this established adult cam site with a solid reputation.

By default, IMLive’s video screen display is larger than industry standard. Since many of the site models use HD cameras, the larger size can handle the stream to produce high quality and dramatic video. Regarding models, you won’t find that term applied on IMLive, as here they are referred to as “hosts” and they certainly do live up to the definition as users are made to feel like welcomed ‘guests.’


  • Very cost effective
  • Creative, innovative, fun features
  • Discounts that keep you active
  • Superior support and security
  • Cam2cam on multiple formats


  • Outdated look and feel
  • Not a huge amount of models
  • Minimal features for free users
  • Some functionality a bit confusing

How IMLive Differs from other sites

IMLive is not afraid to mix it up by providing creative and innovative features exclusive to the site. For starters, there is the ‘Multi-Viewer’ mode, not seen anywhere else as of this writing. The ‘Multi-Viewer’ mode aggregates six live shows and displays them on the same page, simultaneously. Default mode shows the live streams of hosts (models) ready and waiting. Instead of a thumbnail seen on the home page, the user can view the live model, which we assume helps guide further decisions as to which one to select. That is not all. There is also a 'Full Sex' mode with a charge of three credits per minute. Once you agree to the charges, the page displays six live sex shows simulateously. We are not exactly sure how six, simultaneous live sex shows would appeal to the average user, though it is a fun feature to try.

Another equally innovative feature is called ‘Fulfill your fantasy.’ With this feature you can submit a request for a specific fantasy you have in mind. As long as the request is legal, chances are you’ll get a positive response from IMLive’s internal messaging system, with further instructions. All you need to do is add a subject like ‘BBW Exercising Nude, Eating Burgers,’ select whether it is a girl alone, boy, transexual, group, etc., and then write a description. We have not tried this yet so if you try this feature, you are welcome to steal the idea from our example:) Main Features

  • Cost-effective vs. other sites
  • Smaller pool of online models, high quality
  • Innovative, fun features
  • Periodic shows from celebrity cam stars
  • Addictive discounts that keep you on the site
  • Cam-to-Cam available
  • Live toys available Using the Site

IMLive features an old-school, throwback type feel. Video stream pages are paired down, with a large, default video streaming window, usually displayed in high quality. The stream’s chat looks like AOL’s from 2002, which adds a familiar feel if you are old enough to remember.

Even though you can tip in open chat, this option is not displayed prominently, while the 'Enter Private Chat' button is large and stands out. The objective here is a private chat.

While checking live video streams, it took a bit of time to figure it out. Some model streams display just as you expect, while others display an intermediate page, called a 'Waiting Room.' On the 'Waiting Room' page, you are presented options for a live show, including credits per minute. There are two additional options: one for a 30 minute show, and another for a 60 minute show. We found the 'Waiting Room' set up a bit confusing b/c there is no way to see what the model looks like aside from the thumbnail. Perhaps this is for returning members, though we’re not exactly sure.

Signup is easy, with username, password and email address, but this was the only adult cam site we’ve seen thus far, for which we needed to access our email’s spam filter to access. Not a big deal, but notable. The only other notable item was when we submitted a purchase for credits, we needed to populate an email address again. Since email address is submitted during site registration, this was not expected and does not happen on most adult cam sites.


IMLive Private shows

Private chat is simple to initiate, and displays good stream quality. Just like open chat, private chat has the same old school look and feel. Features are bare bones, meaning there are no games or emojis, just basically chat with the option to send tips via 'gifts.' Credits per minute are clearly marked for review before initiating a private chat, while video stream was reliable and lag-free. One thing to note is that when entering private chat, there is a box that is checked by default giving permission to to open your video cam and microphone. Even if you uncheck this box, you are still shown an option to activate your camera and microphone, via the web browser, so you have to deny it a second time. If you deny it, an empty box will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

IMLive Cam2Cam

Cam-to-cam works on both desktop and mobile devices with good quality. By default, there is no extra charge for this feature, though models have the option to increase the cost. Unlike many adult cam sites, IMLive’s cam-to-cam functions on all devices, due to a recent upgrade on their mobile site. Cam-to-cam also seems to function better on IMLive than most other cam sites, because the live chat is bare bones, so there are not a lot of features to take up screen space apart from the camera displays.

IMLive Support

Methods of contact: Live Chat Support, email

IMLive Support is better than most. Live Chat Support responded immediately to our request and was helpful and professional. It’s refreshing to deal with competent support representatives, so we score IMLive high on the list.

VIP Program

IMLive provides an automatic tier-based points program that adds value as the user increases spending and activity. In addition to forwarding levels due to spend, the site also rewards users for site actions such as adding ratings to host profiles and/or voting on contests.

Bronze Membership
  • Get up to 15 real Credits on Credit purchases
  • First 20 seconds free on ALL private sex chats
  • Access to full private galleries of all hosts
  • Watch intro videos & monthly video contest for FREE
  • Discount Club reduction of 0.60 Credits/min on Private Chats
  • Watch Past Pornstar Shows FREE
  • 20% Discount Club reduction on Top Past Live Shows
Silver Membership
  • Get up to 20 real Credits on Credit purchases
  • Get up to 10 bonus Treats on Credit purchases
  • Discount Club reduction of 0.70 Credits/min on Private Chats
  • Watch Past Pornstar Shows FREE For Credit holders in all regions
  • 25% Discount Club reduction on Top Past Live Shows
Gold Membership
  • Get up to 20 real Credits on Credit purchases
  • Get up to 20 bonus Treats on Credit purchases
  • Discount Club reduction of 0.70 Credits/min on Private Chats
  • 35% Discount Club reduction on Top Past Live Shows
VIP Membership
  • Up to 25 free credits with every purchase
  • Up to 25 free Treats with every purchase
  • 50 free credits for every 10,000 points you collect
  • Discount Club reduction of 0.90 credits per minute in private shows
  • 35% Discount Club reduction on recorded shows
  • 24/7 VIP customer support

VISIT ImLive Costs

Credit Package
Cost Est. Per Credit
25 credits $29.95 $1.19
100 credits $58.95 $0.59
150 credits $87.95 $0.58
200 credits $114.95 $0.57 Pay Options

Credit/Debit Card

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Other Pay Options

  • PayPal

Editors Favorite Features

IMLive has a simple method for keeping you on the site that is effective enough for our team to wonder why more adult cam sites have not copied it. Soon after a private show, you’ll receive an IM (IMLives version of internal messaging) with a simple offer with discount code included. In our case, we were offered a 50% discount code to apply for the next private show. This means that in addition to IMLive’s already inexpensive credit system, you get a 50% discount on the next show, simply by entering a code. This is easy to use, and there is no guessing or wondering how much money you save.

This is fairly unique among adult cam sites, as they tend to stop discounts after the initial offer received when joining the site. Yes, many other sites provide points and discounts and benefits, however, they often come with an apparent catch, like joining the monthly membership program. In IMLives case, this is the simplest way to keep you using the site, and we certainly appreciate it.